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How does a country girl from Georgia become a consultant to the transgendered community?

A little over twenty years ago I worked for a film company as a makeup artist, set decorator and still photographer. I traveled around the world in this capacity and loved my work, particularly the wonderful variety of people I met.

While on tour in England we had some downtime during the Christmas holidays. Through some mutual friends I met a troup of female impersonators who worked at clubs in the SOHO district. They had just lost their makeup artist and invited me to fill in until they found a new one. It was the most exciting two weeks of my life. I found myself in the company of people whose sense of person and joy of living I find remarkable twenty years later.

When I married, retired from the film industry and settled down on my mini-farm in Ellenwood, Georgia near Atlanta, I missed the excitement of my former life. I wondered what I could do to recapture some of the fun and continue to meet interesting people while raising a family and leading an otherwise everyday life.

You are probably ahead of me by now. I opened a cozy little home studio for crossdressers who needed to explore their feminine image in a peaceful, discreet setting without distraction from their "real" world.

My studio is set up especially for gentlemen who may feel somewhat alone in their interest and would enjoy a woman's point of view about dress, deportment, and an honest and objective opinion as to the best way to develop your "other" self.

When you are comfortable with your other "you" we might get together with a few friends and go out to places in the big city to shows like those that inspired me back in SOHO. Or if you prefer you can can just hang out at my house!

Besides having a great time, and loving my work, I fill a need in your life. By making my makeovers and consultations a combination of learning experience and entertainment, I find that my clients come back time and again. There is always something new to learn about the exciting art and science of feminization.

Email or call me today and set up an appointment for when you pass through Atlanta!

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