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TG Cosmetics
Glamorour looks for special women. This site contains transgendered and crossdressing makeup, cosmetic kits and makeup tips.

Renee Reyes, Atlanta's foremost T-Girl.
Renee is simply the best and one of my very favorite people. In addition to being one of my very early customers, Renee is an authorative source of "becoming" information. Be sure and visit Renee's website for a wealth of hugs and great information.
Professional Make-Up Artist/Image Consultant for the Transgendered Community focusing on makeup application and instruction, basic wig styling, personalized color analysis, wardrobe consultation and style analysis and working to provide that desired polished look.

Discrete Makeovers Image Consultants
At Discrete Makeovers, we take great care in developing, organizing and implementing a very personalized makeover program for you or your loved one.

Miss Suzi's Online and Real World Boutique
Miss Suzi operates an online boutique and transformation studio in Western New York.

Carla's Transgendered Salon, Boutique and Club
California Boutique & Makeovers.

Brenda Glass
Brenda is a former client of mine who is reaching out to other Transgendered individuals in the Atlanta community.

A place to shop!

A great article "What is a Crossdresser?"

CD and wife bills of rights

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