About Sara...

I met Phoebe a little over 5 years ago.   She has a beautiful, very spacious, and very private studio located just a few miles southeast of Atlanta, very convienient to Hartsfield International Airport.

Phoebe has spare bedrooms and offers an excellent weekend getaway.   I live near Atlanta and have taken advantage of Phoebe's skills on many occasions when I'm in the area on business.   She is an excellent cosmetologist and has a complete wardrobe including a vast collection of wigs.   Atlanta is a fun town to enjoy and there are many safe places to "walk on the other side".

A little bit about me ... hmmmm ... let's see ...

I am an adorable, vivacious (my friends think I'm "fiesty"), blonde, Italian (my daddy's Irish); great legs, like to flirt a little bit (cmon, a girl's gotta have a little fun); age: mid-thirties; height: a shade under 5'7" (without my heels!!!); weight: (you know girls don't tell); a true Southern Belle at heart, born in South Carolina, relocated to Savannah at sweet 16.  

I started dressing when my four sisters and I moved to Savannah, but that's another story!   It's still a little bit of a "special family secret" among the girls. (Monica and Julie would be stunned, if they really knew, but boy the family pictures would be great!!!).   I enjoy country music, am a totally hopeless romantic, and would simply melt for a long, intimate walk, arm & arm, down the beach at sunset (Oh heck, under the moonlight too, for that matter).

I just "love" letting my hair down and strapping on a great pair of 4" heels!!!   A girl just can't have too many shoes.   I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoyed dressing up to take them.   Please come back and visit soon, as my next pic's will show a little lingerie, along with a more sultry and provocative look!!! (hehehe).

Sara! (webmistress)
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!!! here are my absolute favorite pictures !!!
Sara goes Shopping !!!
ok ... here are the lingerie pix !!!

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