Here are some of the services I offer...

1. A two hour glamour makeover. This includes a digital shoot of you as you go through three different changes. I have many wigs and wardrobing and we have a lot of fun putting together different looks that are just right for you. Other formats of photography are available upon request, i.e. video and polaroids although with digital you get a disc to take with you and view on your computer.

You learn how to put on your makeup and take it off properly (and completely). You learn modeling tips and feminine mannerisms.

You'll also learn about color schemes for your clothing and makeup. Its a lot of fun and you may arrive and depart in your feminine clothing if you like. Fee for the two hour session is $125.00 and includes video tape or digital pictures on disk.

Another time, after you are comfortable with your new look, we might go out shopping or eat at some of the lovely CD friendly restuarants I often frequent with my "girls". There is no end to the things you can do around Atlanta while "dressed"!.

2. Makeup only. Bring or wear your clothes to go out and I'll professionally make your face up in just the right look for your gala mood or event. This usually takes an hour and the fee is $50.00. "Locals" in Atlanta particularly like this one.

3. A weekend makeover in Atlanta. Bed and breakfast at my home or stay in a motel or hotel of your choice. If you choose my beautiful little bed and breakfast private apartment, you'll be welcome to stay in your feminine mode and attire as much as you like.

During this weekend you get my undivided attention to your dress and makeup. You'll look your prettiest as we shop and eat at quaint little restaurants. You'll see the local sights and perfect your feminine side.

There are several variations on the makeover weekend, so call me and we'll set a final fee depending on your choices. Scheduling is flexible and appointments can be set for weekdays or weekends, just call and we will get your makeover scheduled.

Feel free to call Phoebe at home, If I am out or working with a client, leave a number if you can and I'll call you back collect if you are out of state.

If you can't leave a number, just keep calling till you get me 'cause we have lots of exciting things to chat about.

Call Phoebe 770-914-3121
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