Tips for feminization:


Today's wide-brimmed straw hat is wrapped with a pretty scarf for an accent of color.

The baseball cap comes back in many fabrics and colors for all casual occasions.

For day wear, the toque, the sailor and beret complete your workplace style wardrobe.

The latest barrettes come in mock tortoiseshell, dots and stripes, with jewels and glitter. Wear them two or three at a time.

Try a tailored hair bow or a big pouf bow for evening or on ponytails, braids, or a topknot. Wear it low at the nape of the neck for classic elegance.

Hairbands - from mock tortoiseshell and patent leather to black velvet and satin are for every occasion and can be worn with hair sleeked back or with bangs and curls.

Flowers are back. Try them as a beautiful accent for fun or fancy dressing. Wear one over your ear or in the band of a ponytail.


Flats are now appropriate for day,and evening. Look for textures - snakeskin,lizard, alligator and crocodile - plue patent leathers and suedes.

The semi-flat - 3/4 to l 3/4-inch heel - is for easy walking with slightly more polished profile. Low-heeled shoes look great with all silhouettes, so forget old myths and wear the shoe you feel good in.

Active sports shoes are now out of the gym and into the streets. With all the great variations on the tennis shoe, you need never suffer from aching arches.

The true high heel is now a matter of personal choice. It adds a special drama to both day and evening wear. The key is to be COMFORTABLE in what youwear, walking and standing.


Most regular department stores carry a hosiery selection that is designed to fit plus-sized women perfectly, providing both comfort and fashion. Both hip and height measurements are used to assure you of comfort. Daysheers are made of all-purpose sheer nylon and are available with a reinforced toe or sandalfoot. They come in a range of neutrals and fashion colors. Silken Sheers contain spandex and have a special luster and a luxuriously smooth, silky feel. If you have a "hairy leg" problem, this would be my selection for you.


Choose a wig that is fuss-free. You don't want to have to spend hours on your wig, and it should keep its style even when you've been on the go.

Evaluate your wig style. Your wigstyle should complement your natural contours.

A round face becomes more defined when the wig is layered and has some variation in line; be sure it is full at the top and has layered sides. Brush the side back at the temple and slightly forward onto the cheekbones. Avoid short crops. Use length to create an illusion of a longer face. Always keep the part to one side.

A heart-shaped face - with a wide brow and narrow chin - needs a longer wigstyle that has fullness at the bottom to balance the width of the face across the brow. Be sure the top is layered and trim, neither too flat or too high. A pageboy style with the hair curled under below the ears is a good style here. Softly waved or curled long hair also adds width to the chin.

A square face needs height and softness to create a longer proportion and to lessen the regular angles of the face. Use a pick to lift the sides and top of the wig. Use some specially made wig spray to lightly hold it in place. A wig with curls or fluffy bangs on the forehead will give added height and softness to your forehead. A square face needs a wig that is either above the jawline or long enough to create the illusion of an elongated face.

A rectangular face benefits from width at the cheekbone and on the crown to balance the length of the face. Curly, wavy or long bangs combed to one side are flattering. Avoid long, straight hair; add fullness with the pick and hairspray. A square cut bob-wide, with thick bangs-cut to just below the ear is a very good choice. Accent with big earrings for more width. Avoid long drop earrings.


Add a dot of color to the chin for the illusion of length. Place a dot of light pink or yellow eye-shadow on the center of the eyelid to "open" eyes and draw attention to them.

Tips for the heart-shaped face. To add shaping and width across the cheekbones,place blusher in a V across the cheekbone nad ending in the hollow of the cheek.Blend gently.

Tip for the square face. To soften the angles of a square face wear your hair full and soft. Use blusher to create contours.

Tip for the rectangular face. Keep the color above the center of the cheeks, always in a curving line, not angular.

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